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CONCRESHIELD X (All Colours) hard wearing solvent paint

CONCRESHIELD-X-(All-Colours)-hard-wearing-solvent-paint Need a heavy duty long lasting coloured paint for your concrete driveway or cement path? Then CONCRESHIELD X (All Colours) is what you need to apply!

CONCRESHIELD 2 PAC (Clear Glaze) Hard wearing 2Pac clear

CONCRESHIELD-2-PAC-(Clear-Glaze)-Hard-wearing-2Pac-clear Need a chemical or oil resistant clear paint to seal a concrete or stencil driveway or slate or stone path? You need CONCRESHIELD 2 PAC (Clear Glaze)

15 Litre Pail + 1 Litre (Hardne

CONCRESHIELD X (Clear Glaze) hard wearing solvent paint

CONCRESHIELD-X-(Clear-Glaze)-hard-wearing-solvent-paint Need a heavy duty clear paint to seal your concrete or stencil driveway or slate or stone path? Then CONCRESHIELD X (Clear Glaze) is what you need!

STENCILSHIELD Top & Base Coat (All Colours) for driveways

STENCILSHIELD-Top-&-Base-Coat-(All-Colours)-for-driveways Wanting to rejuvenate your concrete driveway or path? STENCILSHIELD Top & Base Coat gives your concrete a lift when used with stencil or on it's own

10 Litre Pail

STENCILSHIELD Slab Repair fills cracks in concrete

STENCILSHIELD-Slab-Repair-fills-cracks-in-concrete Do you have cracks in your concrete driveway that need repairing before applying your stencil coating? Shieldcoats Slab Repair can fill those cracks.

FLOORSHIELD- Protective coating for concrete or timber floor

FLOORSHIELD--Protective-coating-for-concrete-or-timber-floor Are you looking for a paint that is hard wearing for concrete or timber floors? FLOORSHIELD is a hard wearing acrylic polyurethane coating for floors

SHIELDSEAL X Solvent based clear concrete sealer and primer

SHIELDSEAL-X-Solvent-based-clear-concrete-sealer-and-primer Need a heavy duty clear long lasting thinners based acrylic primer or sealer for your driveway or path? Then Shieldcoat SHIELDSEAL X is what you need

Manufacturer: Shieldcoat

Who is Shieldcoat?
Shieldcoat is a local Australian manufacturer that started from a small warehouse unit in 1996 and is now recognised as a leader in the industry of protective and decorative coatings. ...more about Shieldcoat

Concrete floor step by step DIY 'how to' guide

Preparation work
When applying a coating to new or existing concrete preparation is very important! Shieldcoat Floorshield system is a very hard wearing acrylic coating system designed for coating new or existing broom finished or trowel finished concrete and ceramic tiles. ... read 'how to'

Concrete stenciling step by step DIY 'how to' guide

Concrete Stencilling
Why Apply a Stencil Coating?
Applying a stencil coating to you plain concrete driveway or path can transform the presentation of your house! ... read 'how to'
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