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SHIELDSEAL W Plus Water based penetrating sealer

SHIELDSEAL-W-Plus-Water-based-penetrating-sealer Do you want to make sure that your roof paint adheres properly to your asbestos, metal or chalky paint? Then SHIELDSEAL W Plus is the sealer you need

Poly cloth to be used with Watershield A Waterproof Membrane

Poly-cloth-to-be-used-with-Watershield-A-Waterproof-Membrane Need a poly cloth to use with Watershield A to give you a flexible and durable membrane for your concrete roof or floor? Poly cloth is what you need

25 Metre roll

Watershield A - Acrylic Waterproofing Membrane

Watershield-A---Acrylic-Waterproofing-Membrane Do you need an acrylic waterproof membrane that is easy to apply to your concrete roof or floor? Then Watershield A is what you need

15 Litre Pail

Manufacturer: Shieldcoat

Who is Shieldcoat?
Shieldcoat is a local Australian manufacturer that started from a small warehouse unit in 1996 and is now recognised as a leader in the industry of protective and decorative coatings. ...more about Shieldcoat


All of Shieldcoats water based products are based on 100% Acrylic Resin. Shieldcoat also grinds their own colour dispersions therefore maintaining total quality control over their products. ...learn more about Paints
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