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ANTI-SLIP 1- (Coarse Sand) an aggressive anti slip additive
(Paints :: Paint Additives)

ANTI-SLIP-1--(Coarse-Sand)-an-aggressive-anti-slip-additive Need very non slip paint finish on your concrete driveway, garage floor, stone, tiles or cement path? Add ANTI-SLIP 1- (Coarse Sand) to your paint

1 kilogram

RETARDER- slow down drying times or improve gloss levels
(Consumables :: Paint Additives)

RETARDER--slow-down-drying-times-or-improve-gloss-levels Need to slow down the drying time of your acrylic paint, or want a HIGHER GLOSS finish? Shieldcoat RETARDER, an additive for paint gives you control.

4 Litre Pail

ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing for ridge capping
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

ROOFBOND-Flexible-Pointing-for-ridge-capping Need a flexible pointing that seals and locks down ridge caps on cement or terracotta tiled roofs and won't crack or allow the ridge cap to come off?

10 Litre Pail

ROOFBOND Roof Paint (All Colours) - Durable Roofing Paint
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

ROOFBOND-Roof-Paint-(All-Colours)---Durable-Roofing-Paint Want to restore your tile, corrugated iron, Colourbond or asbestos roof? Come explore Roofbond high quality acrylic high gloss roof paint today!

ROOFBOND Roofing paint (Clear Glaze)
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

ROOFBOND-Roofing-paint-(Clear-Glaze) Want to paint your roof, whether it is metal, tiled or fibro, to give that original shine? Then ROOFBOND Roofing Paint (Clear) will do just that.

15 Litre Pail

FILLABOND High Build Acrylic Filler
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

FILLABOND-High-Build-Acrylic-Filler Are your cement tiles that weathered that they are all pitted? FILLABOND is just what you need to restore your tiles before you re paint your roof.

15 Litre Pail

NanoProtect SC-96 Clear Protective Coating
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

NanoProtect-SC-96-Clear-Protective-Coating Want to protect your Roofbond Roofing Paint coating system? You need NanoProtect SC-96, it is a revolutionary protective top coat for all roof types!

15 Litre Pail

(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

TERRABOND-Clear-Glaze Looking to restore your old terracotta tile roof and give it a new tile look? Shieldcoat TERRABOND will restore your roof back to its original finish

15 Litre Pail

THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Paint - Save $$$ On Your Power Bill
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

THERMOBOND-Heat-Reflective-Paint---Save-$$$-On-Your-Power-Bill Are you looking for a coating that will reflect heat by up to 30% on your roof or walls? DIY Heat Reflective paint will save your electricity bills!

THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Paint for Caravan Kit
(Paints :: Roof Coatings)

THERMOBOND-Heat-Reflective-Paint-for-Caravan-Kit Want to reduce the heat in your caravan, mobile home or patio roof in summer? Then the Thermobond Caravan Kit is the right product for your job!

    11 to 20   30 Paint products  

Manufacturer: Shieldcoat

Who is Shieldcoat?
Shieldcoat is a local Australian manufacturer that started from a small warehouse unit in 1996 and is now recognised as a leader in the industry of protective and decorative coatings. ...more about Shieldcoat


All of Shieldcoats water based products are based on 100% Acrylic Resin. Shieldcoat also grinds their own colour dispersions therefore maintaining total quality control over their products. No unnecessary extenders are added to the product, thus excellent gloss levels and durability result. As a consequence many of Shieldcoats products are guaranteed for ten years against peeling, flaking and cracking.
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