RETARDER- slow down drying times or improve gloss levels

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Need to slow down the drying time of your acrylic paint, or want a HIGHER GLOSS finish? Shieldcoat RETARDER, an additive for paint gives you control.

4 Litre Pail
RETARDER- slow down drying times or improve gloss levels

Shieldcoat's RETARDER comes in 4 litre pails and washes up in water.

Were would I use RETARDER?

Shieldcoat's RETARDER is designed as an additive for acrylic paints or coatings to slow down the drying time. This is ideal in summer time or hot climates where it is difficult to keep a wet edge, therefore resulting in a more even and consistent finish. RETARDER can also improve the finish gloss level of the paint.

Shieldcoat's RETARDER can be used with ROOFBOND Roof Paint .

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