Hopper Spray Gun to Apply Stencil Coatings and Texture Coats

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Need a Hopper spray gun for applying stencil coatings or texture coatings with an air compressor? This is the Hopper Spray gun for the job

Hopper Spray Gun to Apply Stencil Coatings and Texture Coats

The Spraychief Hopper Spray Gun is designed to spray stencil coatings and texture coatings. The Hopper Spray Gun is to be used with an air compressor.


• Gravity feed unit

• 45-90 PSI operating pressure range

• 12 to 15 CFM Compressor size required to operate Hopper gun

• Included tip sizes: 4.0, 5.5, 8.0 mm

Note: Does not include air hose or compressor. Photo is for illustrative purposes only, actual item may vary in detail to the photo.

What is the advantage of a gravity feed Hopper spray gun?

You get a more consistent coverage with Hopper spray gun as opposed to applying the products with a roller. Also you can easily apply a thicker coat if required.

Hopper Spray Gun to... F.A.Q.

Q. Can I use the Hopper Gun to apply the acrylic render that comes premixed in a bucket, drum or pail?

A. The hopper gun will definitely apply your acrylic render. You will have to just try the different nozzles that it comes with to get the desired coverage. Depending on the finish you are after, you can get a real nice consistent finish from the hopper gun, with a bit of practice. If you prefer the float finish then you can still use the hard plastic or the styrofoam float once you have applied the render with the hopper gun.

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